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Art Reproduction

When you bring your artwork into Ross Imaging Center, our photographic lab technicians use professional DSLR’s 30 meagpixel capture devices to capture your artwork under controlled lighting conditions. 

What does this mean?

Our lab technicians with years of experience bring your artwork into our studio and use Profoto Studio Lighting to digitize your artwork into large files to be able to print your reproductions in any size. Art Reproductions require careful attention to detail to ensure that your paintings, illustrations, and antique photographs are digitized properly. And the best part about our art reproduction process is that we do it all at our location at 3000 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT. You won't have to worry about having your one of a kind piece getting lost in the mail because most of the services we offer we do in our store! After a few days, once we have your artwork digitized we will contact you to come back to our stores to have you view your digitized artwork on the computer screen or from a e-stain proof print. This process takes about 2-3 Business days. From there the possibilities are endless. 

If your work is valuable and you can't part with it for 2-3 days you can schedule an appointment for our technicians to capture your artwork while you wait. Please call for more information if this is something you might be interested in.

**No wet, or untreated artwork will be accepted unless artist accepts responsibility. While our handlers use the utmost care when handling your work untreated art however untreated is more vulnerable to damage.**

Dimension on the longest end 1 piece  3 or more*
Up to 14" $68 $58 per piece 
14" to 18" $78 $68 per piece
19" to 30"  $99 $78 per piece
31" to 48" $135 $99 per piece
48" to 72" $225 $135 per piece
Over 72"  Call for quote Call for quote

*3 or more pieces don't have to be the same sizes. 

ie. 1 11x14, 1 20x30, and 1 12x18 would be $58+$78+$68


Have a one on one sit down consultation with one of our professional archiving specialist to tackle any project. Fill out the form below and a technician will contact you to confirm your appointment. Please make sure to give at least 24 hours before an appointment.


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