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Acrylic Prints

You have to see it to believe it.The image literally jumps off the walls. 

The digital image is printed directly on the surface of the acrylic. 

Often called HD prints because of the brilliance and WOW factor that they provide, these prints are highly decorative and make an instant impact. Clean lines and modern fittings create a contemporary finished product that looks impressive on any wall. 

We finish the process with a white coat of ink to duplicate the paper surface.  We can also print a coat of black ink to increase opacity. We also have the flexibility of using spot colour conversion when and where required. 

Industry-leading Uvijet ink incorporates unique Micro-V ultrafine dispersion technology to maximise pigment loading - delivering strong, vibrant, lightfast colors with superior color gamut. UV dried and water resistant, the inks we use make these prints extremely durable which will not fade for decades. 

Near photographic quality is achieved from files provided as small as 150 DPI at final size in JPG, TIFF or PDF formats. (if so desired, you can supply files at higher resolution). 

We use Acrylite/Plexiglas acrylic.   No other plastic comes close to ACRYLITE® in terms of weather resistance, brilliance, transparency and surface hardness.  ACRYLITE® (FF) sheets provide high optical characteristics and offers the beautiful clarity of the finest picture frame glazing without the heaviness or breakability. It is a safer alternative at half the weight of glass, and is many times more resistant to impact. 

Acrylic prints are commonly available in 1/8 in. and 3/8 in. thicknesses and sizes up to 60 by 96 inches (Anything larger than 40x40 call for a quote) 

We offer several hanging options for panels of all sizes.  The most practical and economical is the floating mount, which is fixed to the back of the panel with a high gauge steel wire ready to exhibit.  We also offer a more contemporary looking system that holds the panels to the wall along the edges with brushed metallic finished screws that complement the acrylic panel, commonly called Standoff. 

These acrylic panels can be wiped down and cleaned easily with non-ammonia cleansers.


Finishing options for Acrylic; Flush mount, Wood Float Mounts, StandOff