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Photo Tips & Tricks

Having trouble with composition?

Try following the rule of thirds. It might not work for every photo, however, it does work for most photographs. Essentially, rule of thirds is when the subject or focus of your photograph isn't in the center of the photo. Most digital cameras, even phones, now-a-days have a grid mode which overlays a grid over your view finder splitting the frame into 9 sections. To achieve the best photograph using this method, you should place your subject at any of the intersections between the lines. When shooting a landscape using the rule of thirds, try lining the horizon line up with the bottom line on the grid. In the example below you can see that after the photographer shot the second photo following the rule of thirds, that it is now more appealing to the eye. The rule of thirds can also be accomplished during post production of your images. By using the cropping tool you can create the same effect.