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Brushed Aluminum

This is how to create the new WOW factor in digital printing.

Images are printed directly on a brushed aluminium surface. Contrary to reflecting light as with photographic paper or other bright and smooth surfaces, the texture of the aluminium absorbs the light to create dramatic depth of tones and increases the contrast. The white and bright areas of the image now reveal the full texture of the metal and invites further investigation.

To fully take advantage of this innovative process, your selection of image is crucial. Monotone and high contrast images achieve the best results on this media. We have seen stunning results with black and white, duotone and tri-tone photographs, or when the combination of black inks provide greater saturation in the shadows.

These panels can be easily mounted on all types of surfaces for hanging and exhibition purposes. Floating mounts or Standoff systems work perfectly to let the printed image make its own statement. 

The origins of this media are industrial, however, fin the hands of photographers, designers, decorators, visual and graphic artists, aluminium panels are quickly becoming a choice material to express creative statements with taste and style.

The lightweight, rigid and low maintenance properties of these panels make them ideal for signage, exhibition stands, displays, interior design visuals, POS/POP, store fixturing, photographic and digital art.

These panels can also be trimmed and cut to a multitude of shapes and can also be formed and fabricated in a wide variety of geometric configurations. Let your imagination run wild. On a technical note: our metal panels are aluminium composite panel, combining a UV resistant polyethylene core with two premium aluminium alloy surface layers. UV dried, lightfast and water resistant UV inks make prints extremely durable which will not fade for decades.

The media is durable, waterproof, lightweight, easy to fabricate and maintain (when cleaning please use ammonia free cleaners only).

Currently, aluminium prints are regularly available in one thickness: 1/8 in and sizes up to 36x48 inches anything bigger please call (203)281-6996 for a custom quote. 

We offer several hanging options for panels of all sizes. Our most practical and economical is the floating mount, which is fixed to the back of the panel with a high gauge steel wire ready to exhibit. We also offer a more contemporary looking system that holds the panels to the wall along the edges with brushed metallic finished screws that complement the acrylic panel.