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Live Portraits

Make your greeting cards, business cards, wedding invitations and virtually anything come to life with a Live Portrait from Ross Imaging Center! Live portraits enhance the value of each one of your photos with embedding video code into it. Videos are the moment, fully captivating with movement and sound. 

How it works

Bring any photo and video clip into Ross Imaging Center and we can make your portraits come to life! 

Our system embeds code into your photograph and by using the app allows you to view the video simply by scanning the photo. 

All you have to do is supply the photo and video clip, download the app, watch your portrait come to life! 

Download the app to view the samples below. 





Using the Live Portrait App, point your phone's camera at the image above and watch the photo come to life!

Do you want to add these amazing features to your photos? Contact us at (203)281-6996 for more information 

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