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Restoration Services

Preserve your oldest memories with our photo restoration services. We start with a scan of your faded or damaged photograph using the latest technology. Our digital artists then go to work to bring new life to the image by improving and restoring color and repairing cracks and tears. You wind up with a crisp digital image that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Future generations will be able to enjoy yesterday’s memories when you bring your old and damaged photos to Ross Imaging Center. We will restore your photos to their original condition or make them better through the use of our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained technicians.

Spots, cracks and tears disappear. Colorize black and white photos, or return color photos to their original state. Because we start with by converting your photograph to a high-quality digital image, we can even replace backgrounds or remove objects or people from the finished product.


Pricing starts as low as $43.95 and can range all the way up to $129.95. When pricing these photos we look at several different aspects of the photograph and look under a magnifier. Keep in mind the location of the imperfections. If a photograph has a crack through the middle of a persons face a lot of the times this will make the restoration price be more expensive. 

It is hard to price a photograph without looking at it. Bring in your photograph or mail us using our mail order form. We will not start your project without giving you a quote. 

Please note that although we can restore most photographs that are brought to us, we do occasionally come across some that are just too far gone. In these cases, we recommend using our scanning services to create a lasting digital image to preserve what is left of the photo before time takes a bigger toll.



*Old photographs are fragile! Make sure your photographs are in a safe container when mailing. Make sure the mailing envelop is safe from getting wet, bent, or any other possible damages. Ross Imaging Center is not responsible for any damages that occur during shipping/mailing. 

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